Why sponsor APrIGF 2021?

APrIGF has grown to an over 300-people conference whereby commended by many industry players, civil society, academic experts as well as government representatives as one of the annual important platform to discuss and identify Internet governance issues.

Sponsoring APrIGF 2019 would help your organization not only to contribute to the development of internet governance in the Asia Pacific region, but also get exposure in the community and reach the hundreds of the APrIGF participants and the youth delegates from the Youth IGF.

Sign up today and become the pioneer to shape the future of the internet!



There is a very good opportunity for sponsors to promote their business or products. Not only immediate benefit, the program will provide benefit to the sponsors in the long run. The benefit includes BUT NOT LIMITED to followings:

  1. Expanding multi-stakeholder network: Sponsor can establish multi-stakeholder network, as the forum will have a range of multi-stakeholder representation.
  2. Business Opportunity: Sponsor will get business opportunity through the exposure at the participants of the event or media.
  3. Media Mileage: Official Media and other media will cover the program extensively. Sponsors will get media mileage without any extra cost.
  4. Policy Presence: As top-level policy makers, regulators and other government officials will participate in the program, the sponsor can have a good opportunity to build their presence with.
  5. Product Promotion:  The sponsor can promote their products via display and distribution of their promotional collateral. 
  6. Participation: Sponsor will get the opportunity to take participation in the conference and will get the opportunity to be benefited.