A workplan for greater online security and safety

A workplan for greater online security and safety – An interactive session with the UN IGF’s Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety (DC-ISSS): Making the Internet more secure and safer

Date: 30 September 2021
Time: 06:30 – 07:30 UTC

Session organizers:
Wout de Natris – DC-ISSS Coordinator
Mark Carvell – DC-ISSS Senior Policy Adviser

Session speakers:
Wout de Natris – DC-ISSS Coordinator
Yuri Kargapolov – Chair of DC-ISSS Working Group 1 on Security by Design, Sub-group on Internet of Things
Janice Richardson – Vice-Chair of DC-ISS Working Group 2 on Education and Skills
Mallory Knodel – Chair of DC-ISSS Working Group 3 on Procurement, Supply Chain Management and the creation of a business case

Remote moderator:
Mark Carvell – DC-ISSS Senior Policy Advisor

Session description
The aim of the DC-ISSS session at APrIGF is to introduce the work of this new UN IGF stakeholder coalition launched in 2020, concerning increased deployment of security related Internet standards and ICT best practices, to stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region. The relevance of this open coalition’s work to stakeholders’ specific interests in online security and safety will be explained in an interactive format, and the presenters will invite stakeholders to:
a) support the coalition’s overall aim of developing IGF recommendations and guidelines for policymakers and decision-takers in the region and worldwide;
and b) participate in the working groups (with an explanation of how to do so).

Outline of session format
The session organisers propose a 60 minute agenda comprising opening short summary presentations by the coalition’s leadership team that will explain the coalition’s objectives and modalities, and report the work in progress, followed by interactive discussion with attendees. The session programme would have four parts:
Part 1. The objectives and expected outcomes of the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety, presented by the Coordinator. (10 minutes)
Part 2. Current work summarised by the (Vice-)Chairs of the coalition’s three working groups (total: 20 minutes):
• Security by design – Internet of Things
• Education and skills
• Procurement and supply chain management
Part 3. Q&A interaction with audience (25 minutes)
Part 4. Concluding remarks by DC-ISSS Coordinator (5 minutes)

The (IGF) Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety (DC-ISSS) brings together stakeholders from the technical community, government policymakers, regulators, civil society, and business users, with the shared goal of making online activity and interaction more secure and safer through increased and more effective deployment of security-related Internet standards and ICT best practices such as DNSSEC, RPKI, OWASP top 10 and HTTPS.
It is widely recognised that many Internet-related products and services are vulnerable to security threats and the spread of online harms and criminal misuse because relevant Internet standards are not effectively deployed worldwide to mitigate these risks. The coalition aims to agree and actively promote, e.g. by way of capacity building programmes, solutions in the form of policy recommendations, guidelines and toolkits, which will bridge this gap between the theory and expectations of Internet security, and the lack of actual deployment of relevant technical standards and best practices. The DC-ISSS outcomes will be promoted to public policymakers and corporate decision-takers worldwide through the global IGF and regional IGF networks, including the APrIGF.
Further information on the rationale behind and aims of the DC-ISSS, including the mission statements of the Working Groups, is provided on the DC’s IGF webpage here: IGF website link. You can also join the DC-ISSS mailing list here to be informed on the future activities.