Overarching Theme

APrIGF 2021 Overarching Theme

Towards an Inclusive, Sustainable, and Trusted Internet


Inclusion is about deliberate actions to facilitate access and equity, not only in Internet connectivity but also in its skillful use. Inclusion is also about engaging diverse stakeholders to ensure that all voices are treated equally in the multistakeholder decision-making processes. The inherent diversity and sheer geography of the Asia-Pacific region present a daunting challenge to ensure digital connectivity to all.

How can stakeholders work together to ensure that no one is left behind and to support access to reliable and affordable Internet?

The APrIGF welcomes proposals to encourage a multi-disciplinary discussion on the key issues such as, but not limited to:



Capacity building


Digital economy

Digital education

Digital rights / Human rights



Equal opportunities

Equitable access

Hate speech

Internet infrastructure

Multilingual Internet

Multistakeholder model

Universal access


The evolution of the Internet and its applications has facilitated the development of the digital economy and substantial advancement in science, agriculture, health, and education. Sustainability draws attention towards careful consideration of the global effects and outcomes of technology and its innovations.

What is the Internet’s impact on the environment? How resilient is it? How can Internet-related technologies help to achieve Sustainable Development Goals?

The APrIGF will encourage different perspectives related to sustainable development including the Internet’s socio-economic impact, such as:



Future of work

Green technologies

ICT4Development & ICT4SDGs

Innovation and technology

Internet fragmentation

Internet Of Things

Internet resilience


Risk mitigation


Socio-economic impact of the Internet

Sustainable development


Trust calls for striking a good balance between security and people’s fundamental freedoms and rights. The security, stability, and resiliency of the Internet are critical to ensuring users can benefit from a healthy digital environment. Collectively, the stakeholders must work towards safe, reliable, and trustworthy cyberspace that enables the fair use of the Internet without compromising on user safety, personal data, and mutual respect.

What are the roles and responsibilities of governments, industry, civil society, and other stakeholders to maintain trust in Internet governance?

APrIGF welcomes cross-sector perspectives that explore balancing the needs and rights of users with appropriate security considerations, on topics such as:

Algorithms and AI

Big data

Big tech anti-trust

Content moderation & censorship

Cyber bullying & harassment

Cyber crime

Cyber norms


Data accuracy

Data governance

Digital cooperation

Digital rights

Freedom of expression

Internet standards